Even CNN Editors Sometimes Blow It

From CNN.com today:

Teh Editing Separates Teh MSM from Bloggers

I can’t imagine they don’t have built in spell-check, but I suspect the editor just kept hitting “ignore” reflexively and didn’t notice the error until a few minutes later, when I checked back and “the” was spelled correctly.

Nice thing about Safari, which I use to compose blog posts: it will underline spelling errors for you. However, some still get through (and sometimes I blog from Camino or Firefox, which don’t have that by default).

First Landing State Park

I went to First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia on Friday, and saw a fair amount of neat stuff. We decided to beat the heat by walking along a bike path and over to a trail along the bay that offered some good bird viewing. The bike path went beside a cypress swamp, and then a side trail took us through a pine forest to the edge of the bay.

Read on for the intimate lives of reptiles, among others.

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Darwin Returns Home, Goes Into Sci-Fi

So you think that smart people are the ones filling the queues for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith?

Au contraire, mon frere.

Two Star Wars fans are in a critical condition in hospital after apparently trying to make light sabres by filling fluorescent light tubes with petrol.

A man, aged 20, and a girl of 17 are believed to have been filming a mock duel when they poured fuel into two glass tubes and lit it.

OK. Let’s count the stupidity, shall we?

  1. They were over 14, as my brother points out. Seriously. Get over it.
  2. They were filming themselves without access to editing software that could have safely put it in later. This usually leads to stupidity and, as such, is considered evidence of stupidity itself.
  3. They were dueling with glass tubes.
  4. Let me re-emphasize: they were making sword play with glass tubes.
  5. They decided, hey, let’s hold something fragile in my hand and bash it together, but that’s not stupid enough. I know, gasoline always makes for more stupid, and it’s all glowy!

Sadly, they will probably live. Here we had a male and a female that needed to be taken out of the gene pool, all ready to do it and capture the act on film.

Fortunately, being the type who film themselves as Star Wars characters post-puberty, they will never reproduce.

The Revenge of the Stood Still

So I was talked into seeing Revenge of the Sith on Wednesday at midnight, which, coupled with the drive, made for a short night. Had the crowd been more participatory and less full of showoffy jocks making a show of their popcorn-buying ability for their eye-rolling would-be breeding partners, it might have been more enjoyable at the opening.

Nonetheless, I didn’t completely hate the movie. However, I’ve recently seen a movie that makes me hate it in retrospect.

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All My Life…

All my life I have wished I didn’t think so much. About everything. All the time.

It has occasional benefits, but it causes so much more stress than it solves.

To my friends, this is hardly a revelation, other than revealing that I know this about myself.

Sweet and Lame: Make Mine Merlot


The supremes strike down silly out-of-state wine shipment bans. First seen via Radley Balko, who rightly gives the Institute for Justice cheers for picking up the ball that the ACLU doesn’t even know got hit to left field.


This gives every trendy asshole an opportunity to reveal the wine knowledge he picked up watching a film about trendy assholes. Fuck you and your nearly-a-decade-old tradition of Central California Pinot Noir wine growing, anyway. And yes, that movie was also trendy and banal.

Sky Captain…Meh

I just saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.


The style of the visuals was pretty interesting, but the whole thing felt oddly amateurish, especially–and this is the weird bit–the acting. Gwynneth Paltrow was terrible. Her accent grated (has she never watched a Thirties film noir pic?), she was stiff, and she and Jude Law had zero chemistry.

The action sequences also were laclustre as they communicated the fact that the actors were in front of green screens and had no interaction with the world. The key to good CGI is faking that really well, and this failed.

I’m glad this was part of my Netflix subscription and not something I payed 9 dollars for.