All My Life…

All my life I have wished I didn’t think so much. About everything. All the time.

It has occasional benefits, but it causes so much more stress than it solves.

To my friends, this is hardly a revelation, other than revealing that I know this about myself.

4 thoughts on “All My Life…

  1. I hear ya.

    At least you spend your time thinking about somewhat relevant and worthwhile things, I spend all my time thinking about why people act the way they do – an exercise in futility if there ever was one.


  2. My advice, follow your heart once in a while.

    My opinion, you think yourself out of some good opportunities sometimes.

    Life is too short to think about it all the time.

    Enjoy it 🙂


  3. My advice, follow the Tao. The Tao says that you must let go concious concerns to achieve enlightenment.

    Letting go of conciousness can be achieved by use of Boddingtons. This method of reaching enlightenment is referred to as “Stacking beers on the inner shelf”


  4. Thinking is great. Introspection in great. The problem comes when you have nothing to think about except your own thoughts and thinking itself. Spending one hour, even just once, sitting still and trying to not name anything, including your own thoughts, is its own reward.


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