Death Cat Stalks Nursing Home

I know this story is supposed to be heartwarming, about a kitty who wants to comfort the dying, but it just reinforces the “cats are creepy” image to me. I don’t want to spend my final hours with a semiferal beast who jonezes on my doom.

“Oooh, look, Oscar has come to comfort you!”

“Get it away! Begone, evil spirit, foul spectre, grim visage! I want to live! To live and learn and laugh and lov-”

“Time of death is 2:34PM.”

“Meow.” Stalks off in search of next victim.


I’m trying hard not to do anything rash, but I’m experiencing unexpectedly severe burnout at work. I thought a few days off after Independence Day would hold me over until this fall when I was planning to take some time for travel, but I was mistaken.

Hopefully I can arrange some time off soon and can endure through the next week or two, but it’s been an increasing struggle to stay at all motivated this summer.

Impromptu Concert and Reunion

I got to see my friend Buffi tonight! She called me up this morning and said she was going to be in town with The Polyphonic Spree and was going to get me in to see the show.

Despite it having been a very full day of shopping and dealing with people, Amy proved to be the Best Girlfriend EVAR by going along, even though that’s pretty far from the kind of music she likes. It was also pretty far from my usual stuff, though technically symphonic rock is in the progressive genre, this sounded a little more like a concert of closers for some extremely happy broadway shows. Still, I think it’s been something like 12 years since I last actually saw Buffi in person, so it was wonderful to have the chance. She was very good with the crowd who kept coming up to express their appreciation to 1/24th of the band (no kidding).

My only disappointment was that they didn’t play the tune they played on Scrubs, which is the only one I knew.

But the 9:30 Club has Boddington’s! Who knew they would pick up such civilization when Ireland’s Four Courts has dropped it?