Is There Anybody Straight in the Republican Party?

Another day, another Republican catches teh Gay. As usual, Radley Balko blames gay marriage, in this case, specifically Andrew Sullivan’s marriage.

But then, how could he avoid getting married with so many gay Republicans to choose from?

On the plus side, this probably means that if you want someone gay elected president, just vote for the most anti-gay Republican on the ballot and as long as you don’t mind hypocrisy, you’ll have achieved a first.

POPAs, CMSes, Frameworks, and All That Jazz

I get this question just often enough to merit a post: “What CMS/Framework should I use for my apps?” The key is “apps”–that tells me the questioner hasn’t thought through his or her problem enough. There is no one answer, but there are several considerations you should keep in mind when deciding at what level you should build a website or web application: CMS, framework, or a custom application.

Frameworks, CMSes, and ground-up custom apps have their places. But they all involve tradeoffs. The key is figuring out what aspects are key for your project and living with or taking strategies to mitigate the tradeoffs you have to make once you pick. Let’s look at them one by one.

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Diagonal Like David

Well, I saw Beckham’s MLS debut tonight, but it didn’t make up for Galaxy playing a man down after a guy was shown the red card for a rather nasty tackle. They lost 1-0.

It seems that DC teams are making a habit of quietly winning despite well-known players on the other team making headlines. Barry Bonds may have broken Hank Aaron’s record, but the Nats won that game, too.

Mainly, it was friggin’ hot. But I’ve come to quite enjoy DC United games. It’s less of a time investment than a Nationals game, and, partially because of the sometimes error-prone play of MLS, there’s something exciting happening on a fairly regular basis. The downside is there are fewer chances to go to the bathroom and not miss anything. Plus United has been winning more consistently than the Nationals, which also helps the appeal.

The sausage and pepper sandwiches may be a health problem for me, though.