Even CNN Editors Sometimes Blow It

From CNN.com today:

Teh Editing Separates Teh MSM from Bloggers

I can’t imagine they don’t have built in spell-check, but I suspect the editor just kept hitting “ignore” reflexively and didn’t notice the error until a few minutes later, when I checked back and “the” was spelled correctly.

Nice thing about Safari, which I use to compose blog posts: it will underline spelling errors for you. However, some still get through (and sometimes I blog from Camino or Firefox, which don’t have that by default).

One thought on “Even CNN Editors Sometimes Blow It

  1. hallo,am monica from kenya,am 22yrs,and idon have any comment on cnn because the cover every where around the world .infact ireally enjoy watching cnn.iwould like to be awritter my self but,inever get advice from anyone or any where ,and so iwas hoping icould get intoiuch with one of your editor or acouples of advice iwould be very delited,thank you.



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