Oh Yeah, It’s Monday

Woke up this morning at 6 with a splitting headache. Hopefully this is one of those “everything else will seem better by comparison” types of days. But it’s Monday, so you never know.

Squeak update: Squeak, by the way, has turned into a little pig-bird. He’s broken 100 grams a couple of times, so I’m trying to figure out how to manage his weight. A bigger cage so he can exercise more is on order.

Squeak Update

Just to keep everybody in the loop, as Patty and others were kind enough to ask after Squeak, I thought I’d post an update on his progress.

It’s been really good, so much better than I could even envision three weeks ago. He has been hovering in the 86 to 88 gram range for the past few days, so he is making progress and keeping it on. He’s even eating a more-than-half pellet diet, albeit not the ├╝ber-healthy pellets he was eating. Still, plenty of time to worry about that after he’s fully recovered. I took him to the vet’s on Saturday for a recheck which went well, and they drew blood for a full panel that will be back on Wednesday or Thursday.

Hopefully at that point I can quit bugging him with his twice-daily meds which he has simultaneously gotten used to and gotten to dislike. He tries to avoid them but once I get him in The Position (flat on his back, wings constrained), he just opens up and nips at the syringe–though he’s still adept at turning his head at the last second, and he tries to avoid getting in The Position if he sees it coming. So I have to mix things up, sometimes bringing the syringes out, sometimes taking him in to them, sometimes bringing them out and then leaving them…

Yes, I am matching wits with a creature posessed of a 3cc brain. I just wished it were more of an uneven contest…