Libertarians Matter

To those in the Democratic Party that say derisively, “oooh, we could get the libertarian vote–both of them,” and to those in the Republican Party who similarly sneer at losing such support, consider this little passage from a piece in American Conservative on the breakup of the Cold War Consensus between the traditional conservatives and the libertarians: [via Libertarians for Dean]

The rift between conservatives and libertarians is not merely an esoteric debate between dueling pundits; it has also has concrete political ramifications. In one of the hardest-fought races of the 2002 campaign, Republican John Thune lost to incumbent Sen. Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) by just 524 votes. Libertarian Party candidate Kurt Evans won more than 3,000 votes�even though he dropped out of the race and endorsed Thune�more than enough to alter the outcome of the election. Small-l libertarians voting for Libertarian Party nominees rather than Republicans helped cost Republican Slade Gorton of Washington his Senate seat in 2000 and helped Democrat Harry Reid of Nevada hold onto his in 1998.

To quote another writer:

If you prick us, do we not bleed? […] and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

Taste my vote, GOP.

Mac OS X Ready for Corporate Desktop

OK, the thing that had been holding me back from recommending Mac OS X for the corporate desktop has been fixed.

You can, as of OS X 10.3 (since updated to 10.3.1), drag a SMB-mounted shared volume (equivalent to the shared drives assigned to higher letters like U:, N:, or S: on DOS-, I mean, uh, Windows-based systems) to the Startup Items window in the Accounts system preference panel, and it will mount on login. In 10.2, this worked for AppleShare (afp://) and NFS systems, but not Windows-standard SMB (Samba) systems.

Way to go Steve! Now fix the UI problems in iCal and give us an open-source shared calendaring solution for it compatible with Mozilla, and there will be no reason to use Windows for anybody. 😉