Ginger on Flag-Burning Irrelevance

Ginger has a good piece on just how silly introducing a flag burning amendment is in general, and doing so now in particular.

Supporters say it should be banned because it is disrespectful to those who died for our country to burn the flag they were serving to protect. My brother died in service to this country. He had an American flag draped over his casket. I don’t feel that it dishonors him in the least to continue to allow this kind of freedom of expression – because that’s what it is.

I’ll just reiterate the threat I made last year. Remember, Republicans, only you can prevent me burning a couple of flags.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

So, as may not shock anybody who talks politics with me, I’m libertarian. As such, I tend to read Reason magazine. This is just something libertarian types do. Living in the DC area, I have occasion to come into contact with several writers of said magazine when they have a happy hour, as occurred tonight. I also participate in a forum for readers of Reason’s excellent blog, Hit & Run.

So imagine my surprise when talking with Kerry Howley, whose writing is literally award-winning, she mentions that she recognized me from my “disparaging comments” on said forum.

“Bwah?” I said, with all the articulate intelligence at my disposal.

“Yeah, you said how young I was.”

Oh, yeah…that.

Guilty. I’d said in the context of some discussion or other (that I can’t find now) that despite Kerry’s very serious picture and writing, she was, I believe my phrase was, “so *frigging young*.”

Now, admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve been in my early 20s, but I should have remembered that several of my acquaintances had issues being taken seriously when they first started out because they were perceived as too young (I, on the other hand, have looked like I’m in my mid-30s, so lucky for me I’m finally there).

All I can say is, it totally was meant as more of a shock, because–let’s face it–most early-20s-types you meet do not write sophisticated and entertaining rants on the the IWF discovering prostitution is called “sex work”. But I can see how she might take it as general assholery from a geriatric.

As a word of advice from the wisdom of my advanced years, let me suggest a comeback if anyone ever condescendingly says, “Oh, you’ll change your mind when you’re older.” Just say, “Only if I get early-onset dementia.”

So true to my word, here’s my public apology and chance for Kerry to take a free shot. I suggest something about looking spry for my age.

Fafblog Is Back and Bang-On

Fafblog is back, and rightly denounces those who would insult America by accurately describing its behavior. Choice bits:

Oh sure, the “Blame Atrocities First” crowd will tell you these prisoners were “driven to despair,” that they “had no rights,” that they were “held and tortured without due process or judicial oversight in a nightmarish mockery of justice.” But what they won’t tell you is that they only committed suicide as part of a diabolical ruse to trick the world into thinking our secret torture camp is the kind of secret torture camp that drives its prisoners to commit suicide!

Well if these Guantanamo prisoners are so innocent then what are they doing in Guantanamo? Sneaking into our secret military prisons as part of an elaborate plot to make it look like we’re holding them in our secret military prisons, that’s what!

You read whole thing now!

Border Security Enthusiasts Are Racist

So, despite the guy arrested coming from Canada for the Millenium Bomb Plot and this weekend’s arrest of terror plotters in Canada, none of the usual suspects are calling for a wall across our northern border with Canada. You see, the illegal immigration thing is secondary for them, they say, but they’re just so concerned about terrorists coming in from Mexico.

But there don’t seem to be any terrorists in Mexico. We have proof there have been several in Canada, and one tried to enter via that route.

So if they are only concerned about border security when it involves Mexicans, that means that these people are just worried that we won’t be the Fourth Aryan Reich if too many brown people show up.

There. I said it. Every last one of you who hasn’t called for a similar wall on the Canadian border is a racist. Just have the balls to admit it to yourself and say in public what you believe in private: you want America for whites only.

You disgust me.