Sky Captain…Meh

I just saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.


The style of the visuals was pretty interesting, but the whole thing felt oddly amateurish, especially–and this is the weird bit–the acting. Gwynneth Paltrow was terrible. Her accent grated (has she never watched a Thirties film noir pic?), she was stiff, and she and Jude Law had zero chemistry.

The action sequences also were laclustre as they communicated the fact that the actors were in front of green screens and had no interaction with the world. The key to good CGI is faking that really well, and this failed.

I’m glad this was part of my Netflix subscription and not something I payed 9 dollars for.

2 thoughts on “Sky Captain…Meh

  1. Hi – Jason sent me your blog page, and now I find myself wanting to respond, so here goes…

    The original director was fired by the bond company. Sky Captain had about 50-zillion different effects companies rolling in the dough – so more single people took on extra work and quit their day jobs to help finish the thing. And then there were too many f/x companies in LA so all the little ones went under… very fascinating… and I think it was the first time that something like this had happened – the original director taking too long and spending too much money and then being fired…

    Note to self – if given a blank check, use it expeditiously.
    BTW, still haven’t seen it. 😀


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