Where I Have Been (Lemminglike Meme-Reflex)

Countries I Have Visited

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Geez, I think of myself as well-traveled, but look how frigid and white my travels have been!

U.S. States I Have Visited

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I did better here than I suspected. Still, a little too southern-heavy for my tastes. I need to flesh out the Northeast, northern tier, and pacific Northwest.

Could There Be a God?

Could there be a god? Is my lack of faith misplaced? This report made me question my non-faith:

Scientists at Okayama University in Japan have rather agreeably discovered that unidentified compounds in lager and stout may help to prevent DNA damage leading to cancer.

Oh, wait, if there is one, it is a capricious and unjust god:

Since the mice were refreshed with non-alcoholic beer, the scientists cannot confirm that “moderate consumption of normal beer has any anti-cancer benefits”.

Instead of banning such, religions could attract converts by promising spiritual redemption through high states of intoxication, gratuitous sex, and trash-TV-watching. Hey, the Christians appropriated Saturnalia, so why not?

Update: I need to post when less “intoxificated”.

Quoth the Robot, ‘Sandstorm’

So I’m in Qatar again, and I thought we’d had a sandstorm already.

I was wrong.

This still isn’t the red death that our troops in Iraq faced, but it’s this foggy haze that leaves a smell in the air and a gritty taste in your mouth, even inside an air-conditioned building.

And here I thought the weather had taken a turn for the nicer, after being a little chilly the previous night.

I’m still glad I came here now instead of during summer. 120-degree Farenheit heat does not sound attractive.