Odd Bits of Popularity

It’s weird the things that will become popular (as proxied by the number of comments it receives) on a blog.

In my case, an early post of mine tepidly endorsing Howard Dean as the best of a bad lot for libertarian voters was the first post on which I got comments from people I didn’t know. However, since the primaries it didn’t seem to get that much traffic. I still like it as a piece, though it doesn’t have the beautiful rage of this rant.

Then, after being pointed to a piece on writing Google-friendly blog posts by Jason, I summed up a frustration at work regarding an obscure bug in Internet Explorer, for which a few people tracked back and wrote in to acknowledge its utility. It seems to have died out for some reason.

But two posts continue to get comments and messages for very different reasons. The most surprising to me was another attempt to sum up an obscure problem I ran into which killed the better part of a day or evening for me, about uncompressing DiskDoubler files in Mac OS X (requires Classic be installed). Apparently it was a much more common problem among us Mac-greybeards than I thought.

The other, more predictably but even more popularly and with far less gratitude, is a piece I did arguing that Canada really doesn’t owe the US any fealty, at least as far as going along on ill-concieved invasions with dubious (and in the event, erroneous at best and deceptive at worst) justifications. Of course, I put it against the context of how much I hate those frosty socialist goddamn dirty hippies, but nonetheless, I stood up for them. So guess onto which part the snowshaggers latched, to this day filling my queue with creative spelling and grammatical novelties?

Two conclusions:

  1. Canadians have a lot of free time and are pretty insecure.
  2. When you figure something out, blog it and use lots of key words, particularly in the title. You never know when your obscure problem will help a lot of people out.

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