4 thoughts on “Two Headlines

  1. Unrelated musing here. I was just trying to figure out the meaning of the link to my blog that you have titled ‘Surprisingly Punctual’. I’m assuming it’s a commentary on my chronic and persistant habit of disregarding office core hours and pissing off my coworkers in the process. Sadly I got into my current schedule during the heady days when we actually had flexi-time.

    I should really work a night-shift. I’m just not at all a day person and definitely not a morning person. I thrive best at night beneath the tenebrous dome of a starlit sky.


  2. Ah, had something to do with the former title of your blog, “In the Nyk of Time” (should’v been ‘in the Nyk of Thyme”, but you know…)

    And now I’m back from Utopia all drunk and stuff, so this is what I have to deal with. I can tell you there’s a Polish restaurant/bar in the Georgia Ave./Petworth area, but they close early. Utopia stayed open but I didn’t score. Oh, well. P’raps someone I know will get in touch with me and fix all that.


  3. Anyway, I couldn’t give a shit what time you come in, except that others freak out, including every PM we have. It’s to keep them off our backs that we shoud get there by ten, otherwise, I’d be with you at about 2PM, maybe 3.


  4. Oh I had totally forgotten about the title of my former blog. I thought you were just being cleverly obscure as usual 😉

    I hope you enjoyed the night life in the ghetto. I think that restaurant is not that far from ‘Fish in the Hood’. If you can get in and out without being hit up for change or mugged they serve a fairly decent fish sandwich.


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