Not Getting It, TSA vs. Butcher Knife in Purse Edition

First off, who carries a butcher knife on a blind date, “just in case?” I really, really hope I have never been out charming a woman on a blind date on pain of death. Be that as it may, I suppose, if you are the type to put a butcher knife in your handbag “just in case,” you’re the type to forget it and leave it when you go to Newark to get on a plane to fly somewhere later.

Be that as it may, the fact that the vaunted TSA managed to FREAKING MISS THE GREAT HONKING BUTCHER KNIFE in the woman’s purse is ridiculous.

I can’t improve on the woman’s travelling companion’s summary of the situation:

“Suppose someone else had this knife and their motive was to hijack the plane?” Bell Gowens said. “Come on, now. We had a butcher knife. How do you miss that? How many years do you need to get this right?”

How many years indeed? Apparently more than the three and a half years that have passed since 9/11/01.

One thought on “Not Getting It, TSA vs. Butcher Knife in Purse Edition

  1. She was removed from her post for remedial training after letting a woman pass with a freaking butcher knife.

    Remedial training. As in, “This is a butcher knife. Now get back out there and keep this fine nation safe, you scamp!”

    Isn’t there some sort of saying about a chain and a weak link…


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