For various and sundry reasons, I had lost touch to varying degrees with some of my friends–some for only a year or so and others for nearly a decade. Fortunately I’ve managed to locate a couple of the better ones, and I love how I have cool friends. One such is my friend Buffi the cellist, who after some typical running around, I managed to talk with tonight.

To wit, I present Buffi J, with her cool purple electric cello:


(click to see the full size)

She had just played a Rocky Horror tribute show before talking to me. As I said, cool.

2 thoughts on “Reconnecting

  1. As you found out, they are not (they don’t let me just allow a few harmless ones through).

    He was making her name italicized, for those playing the home game.

    *Buffi* is the closest all-ASCII way to do that.


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