Question for Olympics Followers

Have we not seen how well Michael Phelps did in the shotput and pole vault because he only got bronzes?

I’m sure glad we saved on carbon emissions by only sending one person to the games, plus apparently a coterie of over-the-hill and overweight gymnasts.

One thought on “Question for Olympics Followers

  1. I’ve been wondering the same things. During the day you can catch some of the other sports (equestrian, water polo, baseball, etc.) but the prime time coverage is kind of irritating. As much as I love the gymnastics, it seems unfair to the other athletes to not let us see them too.

    We’re upset because they show the fencing at ridiculous times. However, we’ve found that a lot of the matches can be seen at That’s how we plan to watch that. Maybe someday Jack will be an olympian… He’s really quite good.


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