Border Security Enthusiasts Are Racist

So, despite the guy arrested coming from Canada for the Millenium Bomb Plot and this weekend’s arrest of terror plotters in Canada, none of the usual suspects are calling for a wall across our northern border with Canada. You see, the illegal immigration thing is secondary for them, they say, but they’re just so concerned about terrorists coming in from Mexico.

But there don’t seem to be any terrorists in Mexico. We have proof there have been several in Canada, and one tried to enter via that route.

So if they are only concerned about border security when it involves Mexicans, that means that these people are just worried that we won’t be the Fourth Aryan Reich if too many brown people show up.

There. I said it. Every last one of you who hasn’t called for a similar wall on the Canadian border is a racist. Just have the balls to admit it to yourself and say in public what you believe in private: you want America for whites only.

You disgust me.

9 thoughts on “Border Security Enthusiasts Are Racist

  1. Yes, you are right, we definitely need a wall on the Canadian border.

    We could call it the Great Wall of America then taunt the Canadians trying to cross the border:

    “Oh hello Canadians, yeah, you come to break down my city wall? …”


  2. Hmmm. I’m not sure i agree. I don’t think the wall has to do with keeping out terrorists. or brown people. It might have something to do with Mexicans coming here and working jobs for pennies, which negatively affects our economy.

    Yes, i think many Mexicans are working jobs that may American’s don’t want. But i believe that should change. If certain industries can continue to employ people so cheaply, wages will stay down for those jobs.

    Canadians (for the most part) are not coming here illegally looking for jobs.

    The terrorist issue is an entirely different one, which needs an entirely different solution.

    That being said, I don’t like the wall idea either.


  3. How many illegal Canadians are in America? ZERO? Okay, now how many illegal Mexicans are in America? Oh, 12,000,000? Take my point, and shove it up your ignorant, liberal asshole.


  4. Actually the mantra was “Border Security” because terrorists were pouring over our borders. And as of today, 100% of the terrorists who’ve arrived in our country have come through Canada or an airport. Illegality is not security.

    And boy, I hope you tell all those liberal chicks that I go out with that a guy who favors a flat tax and limited government is “liberal.” Sounds like somebody’s party is pissed because they ditched libertarians like me for Bible-thumpers who are fine with expanded government so long as you violate the First Amendment.

    Hope you enjoy the Democratic Congress for the next two years, you big-government lover. Try not pissing off libertarians if you want to win.


  5. Oh yeah, there are illegal immigrants from lots of European countries and even Canada, here working jobs more likely to compete with your average white dude…but somehow nobody complains about them as they’re all…you know…


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