I Totally Spaced On Dying Today

I am on occasion forgetful, but you think I’d remember to do something really important, like die in a giant tsunami.

I have received information psychically, which is corroborated by scientific data, according to which on May 25, 2006 a giant tsunami will occur in the Atlantic Ocean, brought about by the impact of a comet fragment which will provoke the eruption of under-sea volcanoes. Waves up to 200 m high will reach coastlines located above and below the Tropic of Cancer.

Hmmm…well, all coastlines are either above or below the Tropic of Cancer. And a 200 meter wave would completely engulf Washington, DC. So I can’t believe I spaced on that!

According to informed sources, contacts in the American intelligence services confirm the existence of a time window of 48 hours, centered on May 25th at midnight GMT, for the impact a comet fragment south of the Azores.

This corroborates information of an evacuation exercise of the U.S. Congress to occur later in the day of May 25th, information which reached us this morning.

Er…didn’t make the papers. And since 24 hours before and after midnight May 25th GMT (totalling 48) have already passed, I’d say the most unusually–and, might I add, commendably–specific psychic prediction I’ve ever seen does not seem to have borne out.

Best of luck next time, guys! I’m sure the psychic thing will eventually be proved, probably 1e200000 years from now. On May 25. Around tea-time.

2 thoughts on “I Totally Spaced On Dying Today

  1. So he missed it yesterday, it’s no biggie,, I’m sure he will come up with an excuse. Most likely it’s a Government conspiracy to make him look bad. With any luck he may get it right next time. Well got to run for now and get this ark disasimbled before the apt manager fines out about all the animals and stuff.


  2. Boy, that was a near miss! If the Zeta Reticulans hadn’t stepped in at the last moment and vaporize the comet none of us would have been munching on our Cheerios this morning.


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