I Plodded Up the Side of Hawksbill Mountain…Again

Another Sunday, another mountain…er, the same mountain as described in Ginger’s post, actually. But it’s a nice trail to see the change of seasons. This season is deer mating season, and I saw a doe running up the mountain with a buck hot on her tail (quite literally). Then I saw them go the other way, and I just imagined a slo-mo picture of it with “I’m in the Mood for Love” in the background, possibly the Alfalfa version.

Other than the weather being very nice and the valley below at peak or near-peak leaves, the only other notable thing was meeting my friend Missy’s new mare prior to the hike. Unfortunately, Gertie was just coming off a bout of some disease related to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and wasn’t in her best mood–plus she was annoyed that Sam, the pony, was hogging all the attention. I gained instant backwoods cred, though, as said pony was nudging me for more petting and had quite a bit of mud on him. So I didn’t start up the mountain as a fresh-faced city boy. He and the other horse, Jack, were quite fascinated by some smell my shoes had. It had been a while since the shoes had met with doggie doo on the sidewalk, so I’m not sure what was so fascinating about them that wouldn’t be true of any other piece of clothing I have (Squeak’s down adds a bit to my dust load in the apartment).

So I have shoes that smell great to horses and saw a ruttin’ deer. Bet you feel enriched knowing that.

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