Sigh… Bob Moog, RIP

Since he lived in Asheville, NC, and my folks have a place in Brevard, NC, I had wanted to meet Bob Moog, synthesizer pioneer, since at least the 10th grade (that would have been around 15 or 16). That will never happen, because he passed away Sunday.

Eerily, many of his obituaries mention Walter (now Wendy) Carlos’s electronic renditions of Beethoven and other classical works in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange–which I saw for the first time Sunday night.

One way you can still get a childish scream of delight out of me is to give me a Minimoog (or a Minimoog Voyager). Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find it to put it on my Amazon wishlist.

Thanks, Bob.

One thought on “Sigh… Bob Moog, RIP

  1. I remember the summer when I visited our local music store every day so I could play the used MiniMoog synth they had for sale. I knew I had no hope of ever owning one of these magnificent beasts and so resigned myself to limited joy of stealing keyboard time until the inevitable moment came when I would be asked to leave and never return.

    I owe that delightful summer to Bob Moog and to a music store owner who didn’t have the heart to move me along.


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