Intelligent Design Belief Gut Check

If you believe that the universe must have been Designed and therefore have a Designer, one quick question.

If you really believe this, and believe the Design is simply too sophisticated for chance, then presumably every part of the Designed life has a purpose.

So why do you cut the end of your son’s dick off?

2 thoughts on “Intelligent Design Belief Gut Check

  1. In practical terms, it is supposed to be an outward symbol of of inner change. The hebrew parallel of baptism. Like circumcision – baptisim once upon a time occured when the person made the inner decision. Only know both unfortunately occur just after birth.


  2. Oh come on Sandy, that part of the dick was designed to be cut off silly!

    The deeper question is: if God created all life on earth, then does the creation of the duck-billed platypus prove she is a stoner?


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