Can Somebody Explain to Me Why…

…anyone can support the ban on drugs such as marijuana, heroin, or cocaine while not banning alcohol, tobacco, sugar, and aerosol cans?

You can OD and die just as easily on alcohol and “huffing” aerosols. Alcohol makes people do every bad thing ever attributed to cocaine or heroin. Sugar and tobacco abuse are more harmful than marijuana. Driving under the influence of aerosols or alcohol is just as harmful as marijuana, heroin, or cocaine.

If your objection is that the three listed above have no use other than getting high, for what end use do you think alcohol is sold? Is there some use for tobacco besides lighting up? Can you not buy prepackaged whipped cream?

So what justification do you have if you support the ban on one but not the other?

One thought on “Can Somebody Explain to Me Why…

  1. Personally, I’m very much in favor of banning catnip. I’m sick and tired of all those damn cats hanging out on street corners getting high and frolicking in the grass like kittens.


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