Too Stupid to Live

I hope I’m missing some key piece of information, but it looks like Darwin has claimed three women who called a friend instead of 911 when their SUV (natch) went into a river. OK, panic reaction, you call the first person you can once you get out and get to shore if you’re not knocked unconscious, right?

Au, contraire. The stupidity went further than that. They did this IN the car instead of, you know, trying to get out in waist-deep water.

Rafael Miranda said he saw the Jeep go off the road and into the water. He grabbed a flashlight and ran to the vehicle, banging on its roof and windows as he attempted to free the victims.

“I tried and I tried and I tried, but I couldn’t do it,” Miranda said. “They were conscious. They were screaming, screaming ‘Help me, help me!”‘

So they sat around and waited for somebody to help them instead of just rolling down the windows or breaking the glass and getting out.

Apparently, they had just come from a party, and one of their number works as a drug counselor, so I’m thinking that psychoactive substances were involved. Whether alcohol or THC, just ‘cuz I think they should be legal doesn’t mean use of them in all situations is smart. And I’m thinking there was a hefty hurdle of “stupid” to overcome here.

2 thoughts on “Too Stupid to Live

  1. If you read the article, the police say they ended up in 35 ft of water. So if the witness swam to them, and the waterlevel had gotten to a certain level, they couldn’t have opened the doors. Also the (probably) power windows would have shorted, and not been operative. So their only option almost from the get-go was breaking a window. The sunroof would also have shorted. Car glass is strong enough that the guy who came out there couldn’t break it.

    Cops said they wouldn’t have been able to respond quickly enough anyway, even if they’d called the right number or a patrol car had gotten there within a minute.


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