Despite This, I Still Think You Should Get a Mac

The Beeb has a piece describing how Macintoshes were used to clean up the original Star Wars Trilogy. In this case, literally, as the main problem seemed to be dirt.

John Lowry, CEO of Lowry Images, says the biggest single problem with the Star Wars series was dirt.

“The films have been, as everybody knows, extremely successful, and success means dirt, scratches, handling of the film.

“Film is, in fact, a very delicate medium. A New Hope, for example, which was the worst of all, had maybe a million pieces of dirt in the first couple of reels of that movie. Unbelievable.”

The praise given to the G5 for video editing should pretty much remove my colleague Corey to have a last-second renunciation of the Dark Side, much like Anakin Skywalker in the last installment of this trilogy.

For me, on the other hand, anything having to do with George Lucas ripping me off for any more money or bastardizing and pussifying his old films (Sorry, George, Han is a much better hero if he shoots first, because then he has what we like to call a “character arc.” This is from a process known as “writing” which has nothing to do with scripting computer graphics.) is anathema. So while these may be marginally the best Star Wars movies, I’m going to give this a miss as Lucas already has too much of my and my parents’ money that he doesn’t deserve, and more importantly, several hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

In spite of this, I still think Macs are cool. If this technology could be used for evil, maybe some clever souls out there could take the DVD and restore the original scenes, or even restore the movies of a better director.