Restaurant Recommendation: Mark’s Duck House

Mark’s Duck House took me a bit to find but it saves me from having to schlep to Rockville every time I want good dim sum. Unfortunately it only serves dim sum on the weekend, but it’s worth it. I’ve found that dim sum is best when you avoid the expensive fried dishes and go for the steamed items–they may not show them to you, but ask for the steamed pork buns. There are some non-steamed ones that are on the lower trays of the fried food carts (the buns without the yellow frosting) that are also worth a try–both kinds are sweet and savory at the same time, but with different twists. For desert, I actually prefer the yellow-frosted buns to the egg custard.

Make sure you go for the small shrimp dishes on the steam cart. These are also some of the cheapest items on the menu, so you can get out of there with about $8 per person including tip and be quite full.

The restaurant is at 6184-A Arlington Boulevard at Seven Corners. It’s on Route 50 just northeast of the shopping center where the DC Sniper shot the woman from the FBI. Sad to think of that as a landmark, but it might be more descriptive. It took me a bit to find, but it’s worth it.