I Wash My Hands…

Attention UK, or for that matter, any interested party anywhere in the world, or perhaps some superintelligent alien who is watching this and doubting we are above amoeboid intellect based on this spectacle, let me just say that any right-thinking American, and even many who are clearly wrong-thinking disavow any affection or even care about David Blaine.

I am not a fan of protest, but someone on a hunger strike generally at least has some cause they are trying to draw attention to. The only cause Mr. Blaine has is the fact that his “magic” act has made Doug Henning’s Vedic butt flights look really really clever by comparison. The only thing he has going for him is the nice new non-white ethnic look without being too non-white to get air time, taking the next logical step beyond Keanu Reeves, but with no more talent.

UKians, Earthlings, Ant-creature Overlords, do as you will with him.

5 thoughts on “I Wash My Hands…

  1. This pseudo-intellectual, or rubber head if you will, by the girly- boy name of Sandy spent far too much time playing with pee pee.


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