Net Present Value Considered EXTREMELY Harmful

This article in the Financial Times uses distinctions in economic theory to talk a man out of suicide.

Presumably you are contemplating suicide for the usual reason: a net-present-value calculation suggests that the future benefits of living are outweighed by the future costs.
Real option theory extends the idea beyond financial investments and into the real world. Apparently rational irreversible decisions to buy houses, build factories, or, indeed, to take one’s own life, should often be postponed to gather more information.

The sad thing is, what I got out of it was that it was OK for me not to buy a house last year from an economic theory perspective.

But really, if NPV calculations are causing you to consider suicide, you are overlooking opportunities for growth, especially that of screwing that hag out of her new lover’s money with your improper termination lawsuit. Then take the dog as part of the settlement.

Thanks to Jason Lefkowitz for the link.