Watch a Spleen Explode in Near-Real Time

That loud report you heard at 1:11AM Monday morning was the spleen of my colleague Jason exploding over poorly-implemented e-voting technology and the officials who buy anything a Lyle Lanley-like character sells. A little bit ago, a relative of mine commented on a solution to just such an issue, and got modded up by Slashdot moderators. Which means it’s right. So accept it. Or else you will be called a “luser”.

Hey, this is a blog. If I had something insightful to add, I’d be asleep by now.

One thought on “Watch a Spleen Explode in Near-Real Time

  1. LOL! Hadn’t thought of them in the Lanley context, but it’s certainly appropriate…

    Well, sir, there’s nothing on earth
    Like a genuine,
    Bona fide,
    Poorly secured
    Electronic voting system!
    What’d I say?



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