First Past the Post

So this is, um, like a blog, and, um, totally unlike every other “here’s my job aren’t I so smart I hate my job my lover is a jerk ooh look how cute my cat is” screed on the planet.

No, really.

Ain’t it wonderful how peer pressure gets you to do stupid things, like tell people who have not enough interest to pick up a 3 ounce phone and go through the torture of dialing your number to ask what you think of a topic exactly what you think of a topic? Nonetheless, here it is, 3 years after I had the idea to put regular essays on my site and promptly dismissed it as an arrogant idea that nobody would read and would be worthless anyway.

Actually, I’m probably right on both counts. Still, here you are, and aren’t we both feeling a tad intellectually challenged now?

3 thoughts on “First Past the Post

  1. Hah-ha. You have a blog. Look who has a blog, bloggy bloggerson.

    Soo, Whadja watch on TV last night, anyway?

    Really, blogs are all about reading other blogs that you hope your friends don’t read and posting the funny bits from there, interspersed with occassional original content that you know will be boring, but disguises the fact that the rest of your blog is just other peoples re-treaded blogs.



  2. TV last night:

    Further proof that nothing good came of the Seventh Doctor, is what I watched. Even after a couple of Boddington’s, it basically devolved into aimless running about and speechifying.

    That and “I Accuse My Parents on DVD”. Good stuff.


  3. I remember “I Accuse My Parents” but what is the Seventh Doctor? How much beer did I have? The evening of 10/12/03 was memorable but not for the TV. As it turned out, the evening of 10/12/04 was just as memorable. Thanks!


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