Moving On (Again), but Don’t Panic

So today I’m starting a new full-time position at Truth Initiative®, the anti-smoking nonprofit. They have an internal group there who work on various applications to help people stop smoking, and they needed senior PHP help. When I cofounded mojoLive, a large part of my motivation was to work more on long-term web applications instead of simply more content management sites, and this move helps me do that.

This doesn’t mean php[architect] or is going anywhere. I’ll still be a part owner, but it will become my avocation rather than my vocation. As will surprise no one, becoming a publisher in the 2010s is not the most lucrative endeavor, and try as we might, trying to do that plus doing enough consulting to keep us in regular, albeit small paychecks was beyond our reach. In order to keep things the way we were doing them, I was basically becoming the consultant I’d wanted to take a break from five years ago…and when consulting was scarce, we’d have to sacrifice our paychecks in favor of paying our bills. Hopefully now the magazine, books, training, and conferences plus a little advising will be enough to keep our Editor full time and keep One for All Events producing the conferences. If you know of any senior design jobs, I know a guy.

So I’m moving on, and I expect this job will give me more practical topics for talk ideas. I’ve already confirmed that Truth Initiative has an excellent commitment to career growth, so I’ll be able to be involved in the community one way or another. If you’re coming to php[world], I’ll be there on Monday and Tuesday teaching and will try to stop by the evening events.

If you’re concerned about the future of php[architect], the best way to help is to subscribe to the magazine if you haven’t already, encourage others to do so, and spread the word about our books, training, conferences, and, of course, the magazine.

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