Guy Who?

Ron Paul raised $4 million today, by my rough eyeball count.




(not gold-backed)

Sure, I know this has all the weight of the Dean Campaign, except possibly less. I know the guy has a questionable history of crankery. I know he’s completely wrong on immigration and mostly wrong on abortion. But dammit if the guy hasn’t put out a much-needed reminder that liberty is something important, even in the Republican party.

Now if only Hillary could, I dunno, distance herself from Bush in foreign policy in some way. That might be a good answering move by the Democrats. Then they might see this kind of enthusiasm from someone besides billionaires.

And to those who say, “Well, sure, libertarians only give money when there’s someone saying what they want to hear,” I say, “Duh.” Try saying something we want to hear and some of that spare salary not used up by cheetos and World of Warcraft can find its way into your coffers.

3 thoughts on “Guy Who?

  1. I’m proud to have contributed to the success. It’s about the only time I’ve become passionate about anyone running for office to actually get off my bum and put my money where my mouth is.


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