File This Under ‘No Shit, Sherlock’

SCO thinks it won’t survive the legal mess it started.

Just think, if they hadn’t tried to assert ludicrous claims about owning intellectual property they didn’t own, they might have been able to focus on making their crappy products better and have a story like Apple’s, who abandoned suing their way into profitability for innovation. Now Apple is worth half of Microsoft, and SCO, well, this time next week you could probably buy SCO with the change you find in your couch.

2 thoughts on “File This Under ‘No Shit, Sherlock’

  1. Wow, it’s amazing how good that makes me feel.

    Admittedly “Chapter 11” is a less satisfying outcome than “Darl wearing a used trashbag on a street corner trying to exchange blow jobs for scraps of food” but I’ll take what I can get.


  2. To re-quote what I posted on /., if I could say one thing to SCO right now, it would be, “SCO, you should get down on your knobby, Latter-Day knees every single day and thank your lucky stars that there isn’t a just corporate God, for if there were, you and all your minions would be struck down with some corporate equivalent of advanced syphilis, except for your minions, who would get a real form of advanced syphilis, and a nasty case of herpes just for good measure.”


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