So How Come 9/11 Happened, Rudy?

So if Rudy Giuliani has been “studying Middle Eastern terrorism since the Seventies,” and is such an expert on it, how did he not predict 9/11 or take steps to harden New York City against the attack he must have known was coming?

After all, since it’s silly to consider Iraq as the justification terrorists use for attacking New York City, he must have known that the licentious freedom New York is famous for would bring them in…you know, since they did it to that same target once before…

Maybe this is why he took so many steps to curb the freedom of New Yorkers. You see, they hate us for our freedom, so the Not-a-Coward answer must be to become more like the terrorists and give into their demands so they’ll hate us less, right?

Rudy Giuliani: prevent terrorism by surrendering to sharia. That’s the Republican Party way of doing things! Real men surrender!

One thought on “So How Come 9/11 Happened, Rudy?

  1. Poor Rudy. It seems that everyone’s been down on him lately, especially members of his own party. But I do agree with you about the republican response to 9/11 in general. If the Arabs wanted to take away our freedom, they accomplished a lot.


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