My Kingdom for Something Definitive

sleepy_squeaky.jpgSqueak was just coming off his treatments–being injected with fluids, tube-fed, and getting his course of medicines–when I went to visit him last night, so I just let him sleep in his hospital cage. The vet had gotten his blood test results back, but other than being in starvation mode when I brought him in, it wasn’t obvious what was wrong. His calcium is still too low, even lower than when they tested two and a half weeks ago.

This morning he hadn’t gained any additional weight, but hadn’t lost any, either. The vet said he was pretty feisty when she tried to handle him, so hopefully he got a lot of rest and will eat a lot today. He is eating both pellets and seed. So the plan is to try to wean him off supportive care and finish off his meds. If he still gains weight, that’s an excellent sign and he can probably go home soon.

If he doesn’t gain weight or loses any, I think we’re looking at a very tough decision.

One thought on “My Kingdom for Something Definitive

  1. Hey Sandy
    Hope he get’s better I also have a cockatiel and the bond between owner and bird is very special. Vet’s are in it for the money and dont realise the close relationship people can have with their birds only with dog’s do they realise.


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