Tough Ol’ Bird

Squeak is, if just barely, hanging in there. His weight is dangerously low, but it’s been stable for the past couple of days. He’s not in any pain–except when he gets intravenous fluids and drugs–and occasionally tries to eat and preen. He has been a headscratch-needing machine each time I’ve visited him. So now he’s on pretty much everything: liver support, broad-spectrum antibiotic, and an anti-parasitic, and he gets tube feedings to make sure he’s getting enough nutrition.

If it’s his liver and he responds, hopefully we’ll see improvement by tomorrow morning. If it’s a sneaky infection that didn’t show up in the previous bloodwork, then it will take another day or so. The bloodwork is due back tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll know more then.

Of course, if he hasn’t responded to anything in a couple of days, that is a very bad sign. But for the moment if it’s treatable, we’re making sure he gets that opportunity.

Here’s a pic I took with my phone Saturday:
Squeak the Dignified Cockatiel
Squeak is as Dignified as Ever

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