OK, So Just Checking…

So we all know tonight’s performance was a crock of shit from just about every side, right? There is no immigration “crisis”, nor are the National Guard going to do a damned thing, nor does this have anything to do with national security. This has everything to do with hating people darker than oneself and using that for electoral advantage, since nobody new has caught teh Gay since Queer Eye for the Straight Guy stopped airing new episodes.

So we are going to prosecute the hardest-working part of our population to satisfy a bunch of drunk old social-security-collecting welfare queens and their ex-wives. Because illegals are a drain on our taxes. Or possibly Manuel has been talking about unionizing again.

And Democrats take the heroic stand that they’ll…marginally…change…something…but otherwise, they’re pretty much on board. I guess since Nannygate they’ve been jealous that Republicans have been getting the cheap domestic help.

One thought on “OK, So Just Checking…

  1. Oh yeah, and before anyone thinks these comparisons are too over the top, take a look at the sorts of reactions to Bush’s speech they’re posting over at right-wing loony bin Free Republic:


    “Some may accuse me of gross hyperbole when I say that the government of Mexico uses the US as their penal system…”

    I wonder how those folks would react if somebody proposed “evacuating” “criminal aliens” to Guantanamo?

    (Note: to be fair, there are actually a few comments in the FR thread arguing against the linked article. So not everybody over there is beyond hope.)


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