George W. Bush Supports Terrorism, Democrats Cheer Environmental Devastation

Let’s see, Iran is bad because Iran uses its oil money to support terrorism. Therefore, George W. Bush called for America to “Act Now To Reduce Dependence On Foreign Sources Of Energy.” But then yesterday, contradicting his criticisms of Clinton in 2000, Bush propped up dependence on foreign sources of energy by ceasing to resupply the nation’s strategic petroleum reserve.

So: weaken your military response when you’re fighting more wars than ever and contemplating still more, while strengthening your enemy’s hand by encouraging Americans to remain dependent on their products.

Explain to me again how he’s fighting terrorism?

Maybe he’s on to something, though. Senate Republicans claimed two years ago that invading the strategic reserve wouldn’t really do that much to pump prices, anyway–which gives one pause as to why Bush is bothering now.

Of course, the Republicans were scoffing at such claims because the Democrats, who presumably care about the environmental harm caused by excess consumption of gasoline and who also don’t want us to fund terrorists, were calling for the same damn thing. And now they’re criticizing Bush for not doing more to lower gas prices by going after “price gouging” oil companies, who apparently price things higher when demand exceeds supply. This despite Al Gore wanting to increase gas prices a while back with a tax…but that’s not gouging, when you raise prices to get more money despite no change in supply or demand. But no talk of gas taxes now.

So: lower gasoline prices encourage consumption and make us dependent on a major source of terrorist funding as well as harming the environment. So Republicans and Democrats are in favor!

It’s just another normal day here in Bizarro World!

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