Noachian Rain is a Soporific

After a hard day of having a nice lie in, a bit of a a gnosh, watching a spot of telly, having a nice lie down, and a bit of light reading, I’m off to bed, completely shagged out.

(Yes, part of the TV was Farty Owls, I mean, Fawlty Towers).

God, the excitement’s liable to kill me.

3 thoughts on “Noachian Rain is a Soporific

  1. Suncoast has been going out of business and I managed to pick up the entire series of “Timeslip” on DVD in their closing down sale. It’s a rather strange British SciFi show that for some reason I have been entirely unaware existed.

    Nothing like watching a spot of old school British telly.

    I also picked up some more contemporary strange British TV. Nice to see my countrymen have not entirely lost their knack for total and utter lunacy.


  2. OMG, i always thought blogging was for emo whining. Then i discovered you: a nerd with a taste for brit coms such as fawlty towers, can quote monty python, enjoy sci fi, travel, takes random snapshots of cephelopods, are incredibly sarcastic and appreciates cockatiels. Perhaps there’s a place for people like me in blogs too!


  3. Well, thanks! I think there are a few nerds out there blogging with Monty Python and britcom references, but it’s true, probably not many take pictures of cephalopods and have a cockatiel. I think I pretty much corner that market.


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