Chuck Schumer is a Moron, a Dispassionate Analysis by Sandy Smith

So the price of oil hits its highest (non-inflation-corrected) price ever, China’s demand continues to grow, there’s almost no spare production capacity, seasonal demand for refined gasoline is rising, EPA-mandated transition from winter to summer formulations are occurring, and refineries haven’t yet recovered fully from Katrina and various environmentally-based roadblocks to increasing production and capacity.

So Senator Charles “Chucky Gets Lucky” Schumer calls for a price-fixing investigation into whether refineries are deliberately holding back to cause gasoline to rise a few percent. I mean, if you ignore all the legitimate reasons, there must be a conspiracy to raise gas prices.

You know, if you’re a moron.

Therefore, he is a moron.


One thought on “Chuck Schumer is a Moron, a Dispassionate Analysis by Sandy Smith

  1. Maybe he’s just too busy to read the news or do the research behind why prices are the way they are. You don’t know. I mean, after all, he IS a senator. It’s not their job to be terribly informed, just…you know…to figure out the best way to run the country…

    Then again, he’s probably just a moron.


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