The Universe Continues to Toy With Me

Guess which phone I’d been wanting to get from Cingular once I was out from under Verizon’s thumb come Tuesday?

Cingular, T-Mobile stop Razr cell phone sales

Cingular Wireless and T-Mobile USA have temporarily stopped selling the Razr, Motorola’s flagship cell phone, due to a technical glitch that causes the phone to drop calls or shut down, the companies said Friday.

13 thoughts on “The Universe Continues to Toy With Me

  1. Greg Schnippel had one–it’s heavier, too, and it doesn’t even take photos good enough for a cell phone. Iffin I’m gonna pay for it, I want it to work.


  2. I’m pretty sure it won’t take Motorola long to fix the problem with the RAZRs. It’s probably just a software problem, especially since it doesn’t effect the Verizon version of the handset (which is the non-GSM version, I think).


  3. The weight is the battery. The PEBL’s EPA mileage is 6.5 hours talk and 12 days standby, while the RAZR gets a lighter/thinner battery and gets 3 hours & 8 days respectively.

    Anyway, probably best not to rush into it. Take some time and find a phone you really want. Even if you have to wait for the RAZRs to come back.

    Why you ditching Verizon, if I may ask? If its just that the phone you’ve got doesn’t suit you, there’s no real need to ditch the carrier. Just get a new phone.


  4. Why am I ditching Verizon? Let me count the ways.

    * The meagre phone upgrade allowance.
    * The fact that the coverage is broad, but not deep (lots of little holes).
    * The fact that they don’t work at our folks’ house, which is pretty much a must-have for me.
    * The fact that nobody else in the world uses CDMA, and I’ve been known to travel.
    * The fact that I want a less bulky clamshell phone. RAZR is that thing. Cingular until this week was wanting to give me one for free (after rebate) for switching.
    * Verizon wants me to transfer everything over their stupid VCAST instead of Bluetooth like god intended.


  5. For example, they claim to work on the Metro, but in reality you have to be standing still in a part of the station that happens to get good signal in order to talk. Which means effectively they don’t really work in the Metro, and besides, Homeland Security is considering ditching that so terrorists have to stick to proven, reliable technology like timers or line of sight radio detonation instead of experimental tempermental cell-phone detonation. So that’s one big thing they had in this area that nobody else had–but if they don’t really have it, suddenly everybody else’s network looks pretty good.

    Even Sprint works in Washington, VA, while Verizon doesn’t. Cingular may only work in metro areas here, but at least I’ll be able to go overseas with my phone.


  6. The point isn’t that Cingular would have better coverage, but that if I’m going to get spotty coverage, I’d rather get it with a slimmer phone and non-crippled Bluetooth. I only use the stupid thing when I’m meeting people in and around town anyway.


  7. I’m Cingular and I’ve had my problems with them, but I will say that they have excellent coverage.

    My problems have been with my style of phone…it’s died a couple of times for no apparent reason and it seems to take forever for them to replace my phone. (I’ve had the entire phone replaced once and only the battery replaced another time.)

    But the fact remains that they have replaced my phone and they seem to want to keep me happy. And like I mentioned above, I can get coverage in buildings and rural areas and other places that those around me can’t get.


  8. Yeah, I’ve seen some complaints on the customer service front from Cingular.

    Sprint has no phone allowance, but I’m waiting until I’ve got a new apartment to think about a provider change.


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