Donnie Darko

I did something I really rarely do. I watched a movie based on mumblings and automatic recommendations with no prior knowledge of it, and then watched it through again with the commentary track. Partially, that’s because Kevin Smith did it with Richard Kelly.

I’m not going to review or describe the movie–it is not for everybody. Most people I know who should see it will already have seen it, because I’m always suspicious of cult stuff or critic-approved movies (I find Woody Allen completely overrated–amusing like The New Yorker, not hilarious and deep like Brazil). So when people tell me I’ve got to see something, I tend to resist.

Fortunately after the hype dies down I’ll give something a chance when it looks like it’s going to last, and I’m always happy to admit when I’ve been wrong. Firefly was one; Donnie Darko is another. So if you tend to like the films I like, get this and see it. Particularly if you liked Brazil, you’ll like this.

So it’s not for Ginger, with whom I was discussing Brazil today.

Update: I forgot to mention–I focused in on the “Eye” imagery in the director’s cut, and the computer code that goes by is a stack trace from either a Mac OS X box or a NeXT box–lots of references to the Mach microkernel. Sorry, Linus.

4 thoughts on “Donnie Darko

  1. Would you please tell your brother to watch Donnie Darko? I’ve been suggesting it to him forever. 🙂

    I love that movie and normally I don’t like movies that dark and complex. (After all, Team America IS one of my all-time favorite movies!)


  2. Donnie Darko is a really good movie. I also have to recommend “Schizopolis” by Stephen Soderburgh. It’s rather bizarre and somehow manages to bring back the humor in surrealism… ok, true there never was any humor in surrealism, but if there had been this movie would have brought it back.

    Schizopolis is like the spawn of Office Space after being savagely raped by Bunuel’s “Discrete Charm of the Bourgoise”.


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