Things I Like About Canada

Since you guys are determined to take mortal offense at anything poking fun at you, I thought I’d mention some of the things I like about Canada or Canadian migrants to the US.

  1. My great-grandmother. From Nova Scotia. She moved to Boston. From all accounts she was the better half of the relationship that produced my grandfather.
  2. Gay marriage. Hope Harper doesn’t screw that up. One of the places your civil liberties drastically exceed ours.
  3. Mike Meyers. OK sometimes he goes into lame territory, but Wayne and Garth are classic.
  4. Kids in the Hall and their diaspora.
  5. Dan Ackroyd (I’m sensing a theme).
  6. Rush. Where would American high school geeks be without them?
  7. Tolerant attitude towards certain drugs in some places.
  8. I happen to like moose and beaver.

Hope that keeps you happy for a bit, or at least dries the sniffles from my last post.

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