I’m 37. I’m Not Old.

King Arthur: Old woman!

Peasant: “Man”.

King Arthur: “Man”, sorry. What knight lives in that castle over there?

Peasant: I’m 37.

King Arthur: What?

Peasant: I’m 37. I’m not old.

3 thoughts on “I’m 37. I’m Not Old.

  1. Presumably, by his contemporaries’ standards, you are a king, though.

    Large Man with Dead Body: Who’s that then?
    The Dead Collector: I dunno, must be a king.
    Large Man with Dead Body: Why?
    The Dead Collector: He hasn’t got shit all over him.


  2. Don’t kid yourself Sandy you are now officially an old codger. You should shortly be receiving your AARP enrollment package in the mail.

    It may take another couple of weeks into your 37th year, but all your joints will soon be seizing up and you will need to stop deleting all that spam for cheap Viagra and/or Cialis.


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