Sununu Surprise

Whew. The Patriot Act Pogrom has been dealt at least a speed bump. Now, every liberal who used to freak out like Sununu was to Bush I as Rove is to Bush II, apologize to the nice man who apparently still believes that the Constitution is useful for something besides kindling.

So Maybe I Really Am a Programmer

I was commenting to a friend that “programmer” isn’t the first thing I bring up when chatting with a comely lass, as it has a certain cachet…a really socially awkward one. It’s improving (Sorry, Patti, it still beats accounting in reputation–thank you, Dot Bomb!), but it still exists.

There’s another reason. My degrees are in music and international relations. Though they pay me primarily to program websites to take content and spit it back out again, I’m nearly completely self-taught. So even though I’ve been doing it for a while and have seen other people’s code that was both better and worse than mine, I admit to a little professional insecurity.

No greater validation have I had for a while than being able to reasonably quickly grasp why The Daily WTF? is named as it is. People do some really weird things, and fortunately most of my code wouldn’t qualify (wish I could guarantee nothing of mine will ever show up, but…).

If you’re not a programmer, though, don’t bother. Await my next political rant or perhaps some birdblogging.

Three’s Company’s Janet Boiled Alive by Uzbek Secret Police

Condoleezza puts whiny Euros and distorting Democrats in their place in this interview with Fafblog:

RICE: First of all, we don’t send prisoners off to be tortured, Fafnir. We just transport prisoners to countries where torture happens to be legal and where they happen to end up getting tortured.

FB: Well that explains everything then! It’s all just a wacky misunderstanding, like that episode a Three’s Company where Jack sends Janet off to Uzbekistan to get boiled alive by the secret police.