Three’s Company’s Janet Boiled Alive by Uzbek Secret Police

Condoleezza puts whiny Euros and distorting Democrats in their place in this interview with Fafblog:

RICE: First of all, we don’t send prisoners off to be tortured, Fafnir. We just transport prisoners to countries where torture happens to be legal and where they happen to end up getting tortured.

FB: Well that explains everything then! It’s all just a wacky misunderstanding, like that episode a Three’s Company where Jack sends Janet off to Uzbekistan to get boiled alive by the secret police.

2 thoughts on “Three’s Company’s Janet Boiled Alive by Uzbek Secret Police

  1. What about TORTURE!!!

    You know, that just isn’t as funny now. Holy crap, I can’t believe that turdburglar president of ours managed to detract from Teenagers From Outer Space. God damn it.


  2. Torture is what made this country great. Pansies like you and John McCain are going to detroy all chances for total victory and ruin Christmas for everyone.

    What the hell does John McCain know about tourture anyway?


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