Phirst Photos from Dominica

Click on the photos to see a larger version.


This was the first sunset I saw from the veranda of the main building at Springfield Plantation, where I stayed.


How about this guy? A male Blue-headed Hummingbird, taken in macro mode, from a distance of about sixteen inches. He was pretty calm. He was also mid-preen, but you can tell the underside of the beak is bright red.

Caribbean Reef Squid

This is a cuttlefish, relative of the squid. Bird owners will know them from the little bone in their head which is used to provide a calcium chew for their feathered friends Caribbean Reef Squid. But they’re really beautiful in the water, just swimming along. I’d guess they are 10 inches to a foot long at most.


Here’s a Pan-Tropical Spotted Dolphin jumping in the water on Christmas day. We had no whale sightings, but then again, I didn’t care much because I wasn’t hiking. The previous day, I looked like this:


I spent Christmas Eve sweating and stinking of sulphur. There’s a hell-to-heaven metaphor in there somewhere.

I had earlier worn that shirt for another tough hike, to Middleham falls. Here I am earlyish in the hike, posing in front of a gigantic bromilliad (sp?):


More as I select and make them Web-friendly.

6 thoughts on “Phirst Photos from Dominica

  1. Googling turns up ‘bromeliad’ as the correct spelling.

    And for folks that want a more adventury/natural island for a vacation, rather than one of the ‘lounge on the beach then swim in the pool’ island vacations, Dominica is absolutely at the top of my list of recomendations. Been to Guadeloupe, too, and I have to say that I liked Dominica better. Guadeloupe was more posh, with snooty French restaurants and so forth, but Dominica was far more interesting.


  2. I found this blog searching the Web for photos of Dominica. I am a Dominican and I am grateful that visitors like you can take these delicious photos with high tech equipment so that we can enjoy Dominica from a different perspective.

    Anyway, I will be back to see your other photos b/c I have bookmarked this page.

    Thanx much..may you visit again and bring more friends.


  3. Since this is a blog, I’ve begun posting photos in other entries. Just click on the “Main” link above, and you can search for Dominica and find all my entries.

    Meanwhile, if you have an RSS reader or use Bloglines, you can probably use this URL to view a couple hundred photos 🙂 here:

    It does not work in Firefox at the moment, and other RSS readers may not work. I’ll continue to try to get the best of them edited for the web and post them here.


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