Shit Shit Shit Shit

So, this driving on the left thing isn’t as easy as I thought. I pulled out of a roadside stop to swing around the opposite direction but ended up on the wrong side of the road–and despite the mantra “you’re in the middle, not on the edge” I ended up staying there just long enough to swere and barely avoid a head-on collision with an oncoming car. I did take out the front left end of mine and creased his side entirely, and rendered my Suzuki undriveable.

It could have been so much worse…and it might not have been my fault but been a head-on anyway–lots of people were passing around blind curves earlier in the day. Nobody was hurt in either car. But it puts that guy in a bind for the next bit until he can get his car repaired, and it means I have to go through some more stuff after going to the police and enduring the “investigation” in the sun.

I’ll have some primo sunburn, but that’s the worst thing physically that happened. Obviously, I’m not too happy with myself or the world, and even though I know intellectually that it’s a very understandable and simply an unlucky mistake, I can’t help think that I’d already thought to myself that I’m in the danger zone because I’ve relaxed.

Sigh. Such is life, and nobody’s hurt–that’s what’s important. But I can’t pretend it doesn’t suck.

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