Parrots and Parrotfish

So the Sisserou/Jako expedition was successful, and I managed to be the only one to get a good look at a Sisserou through binoculars–too far for a picture, though I have three specs that were probably Sisserous. I have a bit of a picture of a Jako, but that’s it. I did much better the next day at the botanical gardens, where they have two in cages.

Later in the day, we went to Cabrits national park and, after poking around the ruins where some of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, a few of us snorkeled off the point. We saw an incredible variety of stuff within a few feet of shore, including trumpetfish, juvenile parrotfish, bluehead and yellow wrasse, all kinds of urchins, eel, and the yellow-tailed (?) damselfish–just to name less than a tenth.

Today we went to the sulfur springs, which were actually kind of boring unless you’re into acid-loving plants. Then we went to Scott’s Head, where the Atlantic and Caribbean are just a few feet apart, and dove the bay to a similar range of fish–including a sole changing color, giant boxfish, cowfish, and much, much more.

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