Wyatt Ammon, RIP

I learned late last night that my friend Ginger‘s brother Wyatt, who used to work and hang out with me before he decided to go into the Peace Corps, died after an accident in Zambia. It was relatively innocent, just horsing around in a hotel when he slipped and fell out a window.

I’ve been having to tell everyone I know who used to work with him. We’ll probably do a memorial site and hold some type of gathering for his friends here in DC. I had to do this two and a half years ago with a coworker I didn’t even know as well as Wyatt, and I’m getting really tired of having to do these things–could everybody just stop dying for a bit?


Update 11-19-05: Here’s the official Peace Corps press release on Wyatt’s death. And later today our memorial site will go up, thanks to the efforts of Nyk and Jo.

3 thoughts on “Wyatt Ammon, RIP

  1. I launched Wyatt’s memorial website earlier this afternoon. I also spoke with Ginger and the family are very touched that we have done it. Every bit helps, and for me it helps to keep me focused on something rather than just moping around the house.

    Thanks to your hard work writing the code for Marcie’s site we were able to have this memorial up extremely quickly. I hope that it will serve to bring together Wyatt’s family, school friends, coworkers, fellow PCVs/trainees and friends.


  2. Thank you so much for the memorial site. We are still viewing it every single day. I reread the posts again tonight. It gives us comfort. I know eventually people will stop posting. I dread the day when noone wants to talk about Wyatt and when I bring up his name everyone grows uncomfortable. I won’t think about that yet. Thanks for all you have done. We will never ever forget your kindness.


  3. hey everybody, i hope everyones doin better about the whole insident tht happened sorry i couldnt be at his funeral i am really to emotional. i hope yall try to have a great time. sorry for ur lost.love yall bunches……


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