iPodding (though I have no iPod) Memeing

Radley Balko has caught Tyler Cowen’s meme of asking for recommendations for new music. Radley did one better and at least provided up front some of his likes, which actually makes it possible to determine whether anything you listen to will appeal to him. (In light of Tyler’s more recent listings of his suggestions, I sincerely doubt he’ll like anything I listen to–and I kinda doubt Radley will get a lot out of mine, either, though you never know.)

But I think just listing some suggestions and inviting people to track back isn’t a bad idea. So consistent with the iPod theme, though I own no iPod, here are some key ones I think more people ought to love, linked to the iTMS when possible.

Spock’s Beard

Accessible, yet tricksy.

The Good Don’t Last
The Kindness of Strangers

Day for Night
Day for Night

Waste Away
Beware of Darkness (Almost modern rock.)

The Nice

Unfairly forgotten late 60’s band. More inventive than the Beatles. Better musicians, too. Not as good pop songwriters. Still some boppable stuff.

“Little Arabella”
Ars Longa Vita Breva (Naughty, naughty)

This version from The Swedish Radio Sessions (Mozart meets Dave Brubeck meets Jimi Hendrix)


From Bethlehem, PA. Uniquely American sound, yet not at all like Spock’s Beard.

American Vacation Tune
Cowboy Poems Free

Suffocating the Bloom

Lately I’ve been listening to more rap/hip-hop. I’m not a sophisticated listener yet, so I have few original recommendations. But it isn’t as moribund as non-niche modern rock. I prefer stuff that incorporates old jazz and R&B sensibilities. Still, here’s one I hadn’t heard except for being an iTunes free download:

Lateef & the Chief

Don’t Stop

I also listen to a lot of classical, but little of it is easily downloadable. But here are ones to search for (remember to put iTunes in album-shuffle mode).

Modest Mussorgsky

Pictures at an Exhibition – My favorite piece of music in the whole world. In whatever orchestration or the original piano version.

Bela Bartok

Concerto for OrchestraIntermezzo interotto: Allegretto” – Sigh. Possibly the most beautiful melody ever. Pity he had to ruin it with his anger at Shostakovich (yup, you hear a musical raspberry in there). The whole thing is fantastic, but that movement always makes me stop and listen–and it’s short enough for a download.

Dmitry Shostakovich

Symphony No. 1Allegretto/Allegro non Troppo” – The first movement, written when he was 18. Brilliant, especially the fanfare and use of the piano.

There ya go. Hope you learned and loved and lived again.