Apparently You Didn’t Listen the First Time, an Unreasonable Editorial by Sandy Smith

So you think you could slide by and I wouldn’t notice? I do read the news, you know.

Seriously, what do any of you people have better to do than see Serenity? Sex, sure, but a) many of you aren’t doing that anyway for lack of partner or fear of what will happen to you after death from a vengeful god–and remember, you have my postmortem vengeance to worry about, and b) it’s not like you can’t go see Serenity and get yer freak on afterwards.

Let’s face it, there were two hours in your weekend that were spent in drudgery or boredom that could have been alleviated by Serenity.

So remember, it’s not like you have anything better to do, and I’ll kill you if you don’t. So there.

Sandy’s Dictionary: Tweak

A feature requested that is out of the scope of the current contract, but that the project manager doesn’t want to push back on the client to pay for or drop.

Usage example: “I have just a little tweak to the site: add on a report that we don’t currently collect data for, and whatever other functionality we need to support that. By the way, why are there more development hours than you estimated?”